Why a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are loyal and affectionate dogs known for their loving and devoted nature. They are highly intelligent and eager to please, which makes them easy to train. They are gentle and patient with children making them a popular breed for families with kids.

Golden Retrievers are active and playful so need plenty of exercise and stimulation. Because of this we unfortunately cannot consider apartments as our puppies' forever home.

Given their temperament and intelligence, Golden Retrievers are versatile dogs which can be trained for a variety of tasks including obedience, scent work, agility, assistance and therapy dogs.

Why should I choose Finesse Golden Retrievers as my breeder?

Our breeding program focuses on rigorous health testing, exceptional temperaments and diverse pedigree lines that include international champions. We raise our puppies in our home with lots of love, handling, experiences and training techniques. This means that Finesse Golden puppies are well-adjusted, confident & people orientated dogs willing to please.

What is a 'RightPaw Outstanding Breeder'?

RightPaw is an online platform where prospective puppy owners can search for information about dog ownership, breeds and breeders. They can even apply for puppies and pay online. Breeders listed on RightPaw are verified to ensure they adhere to a strict Code of Ethics which covers dog and breeding welfare, health practices, home environment, physical condition, feeding and documentation.

RightPaw Outstanding Breeders recognises breeders who meet exceptional standards across health, socialisation and customer servce. In addition to RightPaw verification and adherence to their Code of Ethics, a RightPaw Outstanding Breeder must meet and provide evidence for:

  • Minimum of 3 years breeding experience

  • An exceptional puppy socialisation program

  • Conducting a minimum of all Core Health Tests for their breed for every breeding dog in their Program

  • Exceptional communication with puppy buyers including prompt response time

  • A fully completed RighPaw breed profile displaying upcoming litters, current litters and their parent dogs

  • Allow for puppy payments securely via RighPaw Pay

Outstanding Breeders are experienced. They are passionate about health testing their parent dogs. They provide exceptional customer service to their puppy buyers. They raise their puppies with exceptional care, using a dedicated socialisation program to ensure each individual puppy develops into the best version of themselves before going to their new homes.

More information about RightPaw Outstanding Breeders can be found here.

What is a 'Guardian Home'?

Becoming a 'Guardian Home' is an arrangement under a contract and an alternative to purchasing a puppy outright. Dogs in Guardian Homes are called on for breeding and are limited to 1 or 2 litters maximum. This arrangement benefits the dog, the Guardian Home and Finesse Golden Retrievers.

Benefits for the Guardian Home:

  • All costs are covered by Finesse Golden Retrievers.

  • Helps the family financially with pet costs including food, vet bills and all associated breeding expenses.

  • The Guardian Family can still enjoy pet ownership with the only financial commitment being a fully refundable security deposit.

Benefits for Finesse Golden Retrievers:

  • The number of dogs in our home is kept to a minimum.

  • The dogs we do have in our home (our pets) are given the love and attention they deserve.

  • No need for multiple outdoor enclosures to house large numbers of dogs.

  • Reduced stress caused by caring for a large number of dogs.

Benefits for the dog:

  • The dog can grow and bond with her intended 'Forever Home' while still young.

  • She is given the love and attention she deserves from her Forever Family.

Please note that potential Guardians must be located within 1.5 hours of the Cessnock area. Some other requirements must be met and this arrangement is under a strict contract agreement.

How do I know your puppies are healthy?

One of my first pets growing up had to be put to sleep before he was 12 months old. He had major issues with his hips and elbows which may have been prevented if the breeders had been more selective with the breeding pair and had appropriate testing done.

When I began breeding I vowed to rigorously health test my dogs. In doing so I know I've done my best to minimise the chances of a family having to endure the heart break of losing one of my pups early due to health issues.

Health Practices


  • All of our potential breeding dogs are DNA tested, hip and elbow scored, have eye certificates and are regularly vet checked. 


  • Puppies are weighed daily up until week 2 to make sure that they are developing and growing within the normal healthy range, then they are weighed 2-3 times weekly all their development is monitored and recorded with our charts/spreadsheets.

  • Puppies are health checked and new owners are provided copies of a health certificate at 6 weeks.

  • They will also be microchipped and vaccinated.

  • Worming takes place from week 2 on a fortnightly basis. 


  • Our puppies are given Royal Canin puppy food, and they are transitioned to a combination of Royal Canin puppy kibble and raw food as they grow.

  • Raw food includes puppy mince, fruit, veggies, fish and sardines with omega oils etc.

Health Tests

We conduct the following health tests to ensure our puppies are as healthy as they possibly can be:

  • X-rays on breeding dogs to assess the quality of elbow and hip joints. Very low elbow and hip scores are less likely to develop elbow and hip problems in the future and less likely to pass hereditary joint problems on to their puppies.

  • Eye tests conducted on our breeding dogs by a veterinary ophthalmologist to confirm they are not affected by any eye conditions which may be passed down genetically to their puppies.

  • DNA tests to identify hereditary diseases, diseases or conditions which may be passed down to their puppies.

Are Finesse Golden Retrievers puppies trained?

Yes! We use Puppy Culture and Badass Breeder's proven training methods and curriculums to raise our puppies and give them the best start possible to their lives. These programs are designed to provide Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) from 3 - 16 days old. This helps aid their brain development, resilience and coping mechanisms.

Beyond 16 days old we conduct foundational training with our puppies which includes picking them up, cuddling them, touching their paws and exposing them to different textures, surfaces, sounds and experiences. Incorporated into this training is exploration and socialisation with their brothers and sisters with toys specifically designed to aid in their development and temperament.

We expose our puppies to other dogs, animals and people in a gentle and careful manner across a wide range of experiences. As a result, they are desensitised to situations which may cause fear, trauma or anxiety later in life. This means our puppies grow into confident and well-mannered companions with a special bond and love for people.

Whilst we conduct foundational training with Finesse Goldens to aid in their neurological development, we do not focus on obedience training (e.g. - sit, stay and heel etc).

Where are you located?

Finesse Golden Retrievers are based in the Hunter Valley, NSW around 2-hours north-west drive from Sydney.

We are situated on a one-acre property, with a big backyard for all the dogs and puppies to play, which has been securely fenced off.

What is included when I buy a Finesse Golden Retrievers puppy?

All Finesse Golden Retrievers pups are sent to their forever homes with a Puppy Pack which contains everything you'll need to give your pup a great start in your home.

Each pack contains:

  • Copies of Pedigree (on request)

  • Copies of parent health testing (on request)

  • 8 weeks free pet insurance

  • Royal Canin puppy food

  • Collar

  • Pee pads

  • Small brush

  • Clothes brush

  • Poo bags

  • Toys 

  • Comfort blanket with mum's and litter's scent

  • Rebate for desexing 

  • Rebate for puppy pre school

  • Take home wormer and flea treatment

  • Information folder with training, care and feeding info

  • Vet health check certificate 

  • Microchip, vaccination, preventive flea treatment and worming records

  • Sale Agreement and Contract 

  • Ongoing support

We also offer special Puppy & Owner training with John Gatt for an extra fee. John is an accomplished qualified professional dog trainer, behaviouralist & psychologist with over 45 yrs experience training puppies & dogs for therapy & security etc. Please contact us for more information if you're interested.

Can I visit the puppies?


We welcome puppy owners to come visit the litter when it is safe for the puppies.

If you aren’t able to visit, we facilitate video calls and live streaming of puppies so you can get to know them.

Can I meet my puppy's parents?

We love showing off our parents.

We can facilitate visits to our property to view and meet the parents.

If you aren’t local, we will be happy to have a video call to meet the family.

At what age can I take my puppy home?

8 weeks of age is the earliest the puppy can go home to you.

We find our puppies are ready and eager to go to their families at 8 weeks of age.

I live interstate. Am I still eligible for a Finesse Golden Retrievers puppy?

We may consider interstate buyers.

We are happy to discuss transport options if need be, but our preference is for new owners to drive, meet us and their puppy at our property.

Please contact us to discuss this further.

I live overseas. Am I still eligible for a Finesse Golden Retrievers puppy?

Sorry but for the health and safety of our puppies we do not sell to overseas buyers.

How do I apply for a Finesse Golden Retrievers puppy?

All applications for Finesse Golden Retrievers are submitted through RightPaw. The application is extremely important because it helps me understand more about you and where our pups are going to. It also allows me to match the right owner with the right dog or puppy.

You can find the application here.

If you have any questions about the application process please feel free to contact me through RightPaw or through our Contact Us page.

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